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design systems

creation. implementation. maintenance.

I created CareerScore's design system in Adobe XD and later ported it into Figma. It was designed with ReactJS in mind and co-developed alongside our engineering leadership to consider implementation constraints and mirror our codebases naming conventions. Within the system, components are nested in one another and branches are defined for different states flowing from a "prime" component in the default state, allowing changes to update system-wide. This makes it easier to update things when design language (or branding) inevitably gets refreshed.

design leadership

inspire. collaborate. grow.

I've hired, trained, and mentored product and experience designers introducing them to our processes and design system. Design is an expansive term - extending from branding to customer experience and ultimately business performance. For design to be effective, it must be properly implemented in code - I have experience bridging the gap between design and engineering through shared language and early collaboration during the design phase. I've found this leads to more engaged product teams that become invested in other's contributions to the design process.

Oscar Lafarga

Engineering Lead,

Newt has an amazing capacity to lead product development and can fill the role of core contributor to any cross-functional technology team. Dual-wielding his UIUX design skills and customer-focused mindset, he is an expert at thoughtfully distilling user feedback into a prioritized list of features complete with design concepts and specifications.

As an engineer, I appreciate all the effort Newt puts in when it comes to ensuring a smooth handoff between design and engineering.

product design

ux research. prototyping. ui design.

I've been designing digital products since 2013 - originally starting in Adobe Photoshop then adopting modern design tools as they became available. I like to start by looking at product, market, and customer data to understand the why - diving in deeper through research to check untested assumptions. Figma is my design tool of choice - it's highly collaborative (and accessible beyond core design units) and scales nicely as design teams grow. I also get my hands dirty in no-code design and frontend and can create websites in Webflow (this site is built in it).


CareerScore is a responsive web app that helps schools and outplacement firms measure and improve job placement.

The product is used by job seekers in 9+ countries and is available in English and Spanish.

The platform has three user classes: Administrators, Career Advisors, and Job Seekers - each of which require unique (and overlapping experiences). The platform has an Chrome Extension which captures job data and feeds it into the job seeker experience.

Role: I led platform design through many iterations and feature launches - ranging from idea to scaling the production site.

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I began freelance graphic designing in college using Photoshop. My last year of study, I founded CareerScore, designing the early iterations of the app before hiring product designers to take over.

For the last few years, I've been in a design leadership role, creating and maintaining our design system. I've been managing and coaching designers and engineers in responsive web design for 8+ years.